Touch ED®

Total End-to-End Solution

• Easily Interfaces with the existing registration systems; the patient record appears in the user's list the second the patient is registered.

• If the existing registration system should go-down, patients can be Manually Registered in Touch ED®. When the registration system resumes operation the manually registered charts are automatically Synchronized with any additional patient demographics.

• Completed charts can be transmitted to various destinations (ADT, Billing, PCP via email or Fax) in various Formats (Text, Text-HL7, PDF, MS Word) using various transmission mediums (Directory, ftp(s), http(s)).




• Designed by ER Practitioners and Nurses.

• The color coded Patient List makes it easy for users to find patients [Green: Not Seen, Blue: In Progress, Red: Completed], see if the patient has been to the ER in the past, or add quick patient note for a particular (or all) practitioner(s) or nurse(s) to view.

• Whereas other products tend to focus on Tracking, the core of Touch ED® techology has always been Charting, it is our specialty. As one practitioner once said, "Tracking is nice, but Charting pays the bills."

• Users can be Charting after a few minutes of instruction.

• Extensive training is not necessary


Fast, Consistent & Complete

• Touch ED® provides Practitioners and Nurses with State of the Art tools, enabling them to complete charts in a fraction of the current time seen in comparable products.

• User selects from a vast array of templates and within seconds has 80% of the chart complete.

• Has the patient been to the ER before? Then "Clone Forward" from their previous chart data that has not changed!

• Why type in the same word, phrase or paragraph over and over again in each chart. Simply select a color-code selection "Choice Points" and pick from a list commonly used words, phrases and paragraphs.

• Specialized input forms (opened from chart color-coded "Choice Points" allow for the quick input of Medications, Vital Signs, Orders and Duration Ranges.

• Easily navigate to different areas of the chart with a simple touch.

• Easily View the patient's charts from previous visits.

• Combine the above functionality with Touch Screen and Voice technology and you'll find your time charting is dramatically decreased.

• Need to add additional patient information, but the chart is already closed and exported? Simply open the "Retrieve Patient" form, search for the patient's visit, and add an Addendum.

• Touch Medix takes great pride when users comment that the printed Touch ED® charts look just like they were typed by a practitioner, not generated by a software application.



Flexible & Configurable

• Designed with Touch Screen & Voice in mind, but works equally well with just a keyboard and mouse.

• Touch ED® come with a standard set of over 1,600 Templates and 12,000 sets of Context Data (Word/Sentences/Paragraphs) - All of which can be tailored, by site administrators, to the established standards of your ED.

• Charts can be customized to fit the current format of the ED.



Time & Cost Effective

• When 15 or 20 minutes of a practitioners time is saved from charting an individual chart, the cost savings in time and money is substantial (not to mention the increase in practitioner to patient face time).

• Chart completeness means that everything the practitioner did for the patient is properly recorded, and therefore properly billed. The Touch ED® Template approach makes it hard to create an incomplete chart.

Touch ED® software and upgrades are free, the only on-going charge you will incur is a nominal per-chart fee.



Other Features

Floor-Plan: View patient Bed/Room location, assigned patients to Beds, reserve Beds for incoming patients using drag-and-drop functionality.

Tracking: View various aspects (and stages) of the patients ER visit.

• Practitioner & Nurse charting can have shared & linked sections.

Scan images into the patient's chart.

• Set Bookmarks in a patient's chart to quickly get to areas you want to modify at a later time.




• Practitioner Charts

• Nurse Notes & Triage

• Prescriptions

• Work Excuses

• Discharge Instructions (also in Spanish)

• Medication Reconciliation

• Supplies



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